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Do You Want To Be ELPHABA? Musical Theatre Interview with Natalie Andreou.

By July 11, 2015 Uncategorized

Today I consume some excellent coffee with Natalie Andreou, standby for Elphaba at the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End. Also joining us is London’s leading voice coach Chris Johnson. We talk auditions, voice training for talented kids, what it takes to play Elphaba and there’s a ton more tips for aspiring musical theatre stars. As an aside, Natalie and Chris are also an item, he’s her voice coach, and Chris is one of my lifelong friends… it makes for a cracking interview.

3:40 Why Natalie chose her particular dance college
5:25 We discuss the need for sight singing within the industry
6:45 Natalie explains why technical expertise should be a priority
8:30 Why being READY to go could be your biggest asset
11:23 How to remember your lines
15:34 How it feels to be Elphaba on stage
19:01 How vocal technique affects your career choice
20:55 How inspiration can promote vocal development
23:08 Vocational training is a must for Musical Theatre students

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