Skype lessons are a little different to in person lessons. One of the biggest differences is the ability to play the scale whilst you sing it: the interweb gets a little overloaded if we try and do that.

But, this is actually a powerful training exercise. Increasing your ability to sing the scale acapella will, over time, improve your pitch referencing and execution on everything you do (there’s a positive in everything!)

Your online toolkit:

  • Download It’s way more stable than Skype, or Facetime (or Facebook Messenger for that matter) but we can use those if that doesn’t work out. Once you’ve booked, I’ll send you a private meeting link prior to our session.
  • A computer or phone with a webcam. If you don’t have this, we can still use audio, but seeing faces is always a more beneficial experience. Buying a fancy external webcam will make things clearer, but it’s unnecessary.
  • Headphones are great, but not completely necessary. Please make sure they have a microphone attached. Apple headphones are perfect if you don’t want to get all posh with Beats or the Bose noise cancelling type.